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There aren't that many things in the fandom that make me go ballistic, but seriously: 

I need this talk !! ...Getting decent OG stuff from Saeko is so rare. And having a deluxe (retirement) talk with Hiromi? Priceless! ..



On another note. Enjoy your day, Hiromi ♥ I wish you all the best! ♥

Oh Hiromi ♥

Even though I've been expecting this for quite a while knowing that she's retiring still hurts. Still, with her recently disappearing into the background, this seems like a relief to me.

Besides, she seems to be happy ♥

I guess I'll get this last show on DVD for sure.


Dear Euro,

please get your act together. I don't want to buy Yen with this freaking low exchange rate.

Besides -  I so don't want to worry about these things in my leisure-time.  Thanks.

Love, me ~

Angry Housewives ~

Oh my.

I most certainly don't disapprove of the view though. 

I don't know if I love her because or despite of such projects. ^^;; Now please excuse me while I'll take my time to stare at her legs.
First Asako's cowboy outfit and now this. Priceless.

Heute keine Lieferung!!

I just bought "Elisabeth" tickets!!  ♥

My mom and I are going to watch it on Wednesday. I'm really excited to watch it again. So far I've heard really good reviews of the current tour - I really can't wait.  

The joy! 

Jan. 24th, 2010

This woman in her mid-50s, apparently very christian (fundamentalist, I guess) has found me in facebook. Apparently she has the same name as me with the only difference that her middle name is "Maple". ^^;;

melikka , I had to think of your bird *grins* ♥

I think I won't scar her poor soul and ignore her friending request.


So much love, part II

Wow, an actual LJ update! Well,no, not really. But I just had to share this gem I just found on youtube.

Ruirui! Saeko ♥! Hiromi♥! ...   so much love!!

Fun of being a banker, part XXIV

How do I get rather broad knowledge about 'sales management' within the next 24 hours?


Google, my saviour!

(Yes, I'm still alive. But my writer's block is not only limited to my thesis)


While I always love to read all the memes other LJ users are doing I'm rarely taking part in it. I blame *you* for actually doing this - you know who you are. ^^;;


Yep, the meme everybody did ... Collapse )

Aw, the love ♥

While I have to say that I'm also deeply annoyed by the whole shows that are uploaded all over youtube I can't express nothing but joy for clips like this ♥ I never knew that Hiromi showed up at one of Saeko's ochakais.

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